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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you?
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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> in london, the headlines -- >> norwegian authorities identifying those that died in the attack. in washington, of the fall deadline just one week away. -- the default deadline just one week away. >> pakistan and india ready for their first significant talks since the mumbai attacks. good night by angell. an emotional farewell at the singer's funeral in london. it is 11:00 a.m. in singapore. >> it is 4:00 a.m. in london. this is "newsday."
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>> hello, welcome. the norwegian lawyer asked to defend the killers says that he is probably insane. apparently he believes he was fashioning a war to defend the western world. some of the names of the 76 victims have been published. the latest on the investigation into friday's attacks. >> the official naming of the dead is under way. a shocking reminder that most children were victim -- most victims were children or young adults. among them was a 20-year-old model and talented dancer. the youngest is expected to be just 14.
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described by the norwegian prime minister as one of the country's most promising young politicians. another talented speaker attempted to escape. 45-year-old monica had run the summer camp for years. this is their self confessed killer. the lawyer defending him describe him as insane. >> the entire case indicates he is insane. he is in a war and he says that the rest of the world does not understand his point of view, but insists that we will all come to understand them. >> he was asked if he showed any remorse. >> he says he is sorry he had to do this revolution in the
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western world. >> an exchange of text messages between a girl and a mother who was hiding on a rock on the island has been released by the family. her mother warns that the person shooting was said to be in police uniform and to be careful. the girl replied that she did not know what was going on. can you talk, asked the mother? no, he is still shooting, replied the girl. this is just part of norway's response to all of that. the spreading sea of flowers outside of the cathedral. >> and norwegians say that they are determined to prove the killer utterly wrong in every way. wrong for what he did and wrong if he really believed that this massacre would start some sort of revolution. >> he claims he has accomplices, but the head of the norwegian domestic intelligence service
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told the bbc that she was unconvinced. >> on a general basis so far we have no evidence of that. >> for now, the norwegian focus is on the dead and those still missing. as the terrible process of identifying all who have been lost golan. -- go on. >> the justice minister has praised services for the response to the attacks. there were questions about whether the police were quick enough. it was left to local people to start helping the teenagers. >> across from the island, many people are still waiting.
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what is emerging here is the story of those rescued and questions about the police response. the heart of the rescue is a camp site. they launched their boat to help people swimming from the island. a man dressed as a policeman was hunting down their friends. >> they would shout from the water -- and i trust you? we would have to bring them -- can i trust you? and we would have to comfort them by saying yes, you can trust me. >> many young people were using their phones to call for help. >> some other girl said that they did not believe us. >> the injured were taken to a nearby town. those that were rescued were terrified. >> they were given soup and gum.
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all of the people in the car were screaming not to stop. >> when swat teams arrived, they use the local police boat, but it was too small for them. it broke down after taking on water. they had to turn to private boats like this. this was the boat that was eventually used by the swat teams. it was the first helicopter to take this picture on the island. the police helicopter was to the south and police teams travel by road. >> i do not think that this could have gone faster. i do not see how that could be possible within this distance.
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i cannot see how we can ride on this foster. >> the local communities are likely to criticize the response, but it is the people of a small campsite that with the rescuers of the people. >> i think that no one should have to see this. >> the overriding problem was that the gun -- the gunman calculated that he could draw the police to oslo with an explosion while he had time to massacre young people at a summer camp. >> a senior analyst at the publisher of global intelligence explained it to me that the gradual movement of the mainstream, far right political parties of europe may have contributed to the actions. >> one interesting thing is the
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progression of the extreme far right into the mainstream. you have many parties that have entered government or are supporting minority governments in europe. this has forced people to really clean up their image. policies that have nothing to do with local jewish conspiracies. they are based on facts. this move to the moderate center ground has forced many of the former adherents to refresh. you have many more individuals who are no longer part of a group. therefore, they are left with their own extreme thoughts. in essence, they are no longer moderated by the extreme parts. >> let's have some of the day's
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other news. the clock is ticking in the united states. >> less than one week to go before the crucial decision to raise the ceiling of the u.s. debt. president obama warns of a deep economic crisis if they default on their debt obligations. but, republicans in congress want the government to make crucial spending cuts first before approving such a plan. a negative effect is being had on the market, driving down the u.s. dollar with a sell-off in exports. opening in negative territory, markets were lower. investors were wary, despite another round of healthy areas that we saw there. conditional safe havens in the
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four month low of the end, as well as gold, which has reached another record high. republicans, splintering into different factions on the debt proposal. >> there has been a split among some republicans in the lower house of the u.s. congress, putting off a vote on their proposed way out of all of this. they hope for a vote on wednesday, the republican leadership says that that will probably happen on thursday. the reason for the delay on the republican side, the proposal that they put forward was to temporarily lifted the debt ceiling and in return, so they said, for $1 trillion in gets to government spending.
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$1.20 trillion was the figure. embarrassingly for them, the independent congressional budget office has come out and said that their accounting was wrong, that it added up to something like $840 billion. a significantly lower amount than the leadership had said. their own rank-and-file were already unhappy with the figure. their arithmetic showing to be wanting. essentially they have gone back to look at the figures again. these are not necessarily decisive either way, but it is certainly embarrassing for republicans. >> the two sides in north korea are expected to start talks over the restarting of their nuclear program and reconciliation with
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the u.s.. 17 people have been killed and four injured in a prison riot in mexico. a group of prisoners attacked a rival drug gang. it took security forces several hours to regain control. it is one of the world's most violent cities. >> the first meeting between two nuclear rivals before -- since talks were frozen in 2008 after the mumbai attacks. joining me now from delhi, a member from the peace studies institute. do you expect anything to come from these talks? >> whether it is highly significant or not, these will
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be confidence-building measures regarding trade, transit, and also, hopefully, a road map for the future to continue. these will hopefully be the positive outcomes. >> how much of an impact will this have? >> not significant. it is not yet clear as to who was responsible for the attack. it will be fierce. at the same time, india and pakistan are committed to interruptible dialogue between the countries.
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very positive in itself. >> it could compromise the safety of the pakistani nuclear arsenal, is that in the foreground of these talks? >> not yet. many talks have taken place regarding proliferation. in this round of talks, the nuclear issue is unlikely to be in the forefront. the most important issue continues to be terrorism in pakistan and india. these issues have been placed at the forefront. nevertheless, the dialogue process has been started in have been very profitable taking
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place. unfair we expect -- taking place. >> you are watching "newsday." live from singapore and london. the london olympics is one year away. we look at how beijing benefited from the games legacy. the father of the 18th winehouse -- of amy winehouse leads the tribute to his daughter at her funeral. >> tens of thousands of people have been forced to free their -- flee their homes due to a tropical storm. many are missing. daniel has the story. >> shelter from the storm. safe now, rescued from the floods that hit the philippines. but there are many more, bridges and towns under water.
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half of a million people have been affected. these are the worst floods in years. look at them now, getting through to safety is a difficult journey. now they have only what they can carry with them. they are the only way to reach those stranded by the floodwaters. 1/2 she is safe. so is he. what about the others? we have nowhere to run to. so we are just on the street. not allowed to go down the road because the water level was to buy. the storm has not passed yet. more rain and misery over the
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coming days. nature has blessed them with nothing. >> three days of national mourning have been declared for the 78 people killed when a military plane crashed in the south of the country. the accident was blamed on the bad weather as they attempted to land just north of the disputed territory. the remembrance will be held on friday. >> you are watching "newsday." headlines, norwegian authorities are burying the victims of friday's attacks. anders behring breivik possible lawyer says that he is likely the same.
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>> the debt deadline in washington is just one week away. london will mark the one-year countdown to the start of the olympic games today. the city has a lot to live up to. the last olympics was praised for its magnificent display is in competition. in london, special attention was given to the legacy it would hold a lead in the city. martin patience has more. >> from here at the birds nest stadium there is a symbol of the hugely successful olympic games. $40 billion were spent hosting the event. we are just going to go inside to talk to a top chinese official about the preparations taken in order to host this a massive event.
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one year ahead of the olympics here in beijing, where were you at? >> at that time, we had a one- year countdown ceremony. it was a crucial time. they were making sure that the deadline was met. >> do you have any advice for london them >> we wanted to make sure that the olympics complemented beijing's economic development. when we build the new structure , we improve the standards. >> just ahead of the olympics, beijing went on a building bit -- binge. subway lines and airport
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terminals, as well as railways. keeping the city at the move -- on the move. three years after the event was held, what is the legacy? one of china's best known sports commentators, what do the games mean to china? >> it was an opening event at the time. the first time modern china had opened its doors to the world. >> how is the legacy different from the legacy in london? >> this -- beijing will likely be the last mega-olympics in history. in beijing at that time it was more about confidence. >> ever since then, with the olympics, there has been a huge success story.
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the olympics in london are going to be very different from the ones held in beijing. the people do hope that one thing remains the same, china has one the most gold medals. >> well, we can now speak to susie, the first australian woman to win the olympic gold for shooting. we know it is one year to the london olympics. how important is it for those athletes? >> they have one year to qualify and one year to get absolutely qualified and prepared for it. >> you already have a gold medal under your belts. what kind of training did it take for you to reach olympic
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level competition to win the gold? >> i trained pretty much every day of the week. there was a lot of mental training that was challenging in different ways. things got tough toward the end. >> a unique kind of sport, especially for a woman. how did you get into it? >> many people get into target shooting because of their family. my grandfather shot, my father chutes. it is a gentleman's sport, and we have lovely days at the range. >> thank you for that gold medal interview. the official news agency says that the former president is
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weak but receiving solid food, standing trial in a week, hospital officials say that his weight loss is extreme and that he needs to eat to stay alive. opposition members say that his illness is a ploy to avoid standing trial. a sad day for music fans around the world. >> family and close friends attended the funeral of amy winehouse. in the eulogy, her father described her as an angel. >> after all of the draw love, finally the family funeral in north london. a hug and a kiss for the brother, the mother.
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plus the massive ranks of photographers, reminding everyone that this was the funeral of amy white house. a jewish girl from north london who had grown to become a hugely successful singer and songwriter. famous for both her talent and troubled life. amongst the attendance, her manager and kelly osborn. today they were not remembering the pop star known by the world. they were remembering a daughter and a friend. the producers said he had lost his soul mate. his father -- her father spoke about how happy she had become and how she had conquered her drug addiction in recent months and that her drinking even was coming under control.
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this is bbc news. >> you have been watching tuesday from the bbc. we have got time for a quick reminder of our main story, the head of the domestic intelligence agency in norway says that there is no evidence that links the man accused of last friday's atrocity too right wing extremists in britain. the suspect was accused of holding meetings with such groups nine years ago, but the intelligence chief says that although investigations were continuing, she believed that he acted on his own in the planning of the bombing killed at least 76 people. of course, you can get much more on that story and the rest of the news we have been talking about on our website. for now, thank you very much for
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watching. >> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank.
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>> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet los angeles. 
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